Secrets of Harry Potter Wand Craft

At 49-50 Poland Street, W1F 7ND

You are cordially invited to attend The Magical School of Wand Craft to learn the secrets of how to make your own personalised wand. You will be creating it yourself with an eco-friendly 3D Pen. Using materials that are totally biodegradable and available in a beautiful array of colours. We will start the lesson with unique insights into the world of 3D Pens and learn everything you need to get started. There’s plenty of time to practice different techniques and used them to create a wand that reflects your personality. Be inspired by examples in the wand workshop or create your own unique design. By the end you will take home your very own wand all made by you. It will be kept safe in a gift box and tote bag. Suitable for ages 9 - 665! Expect lots of foolish wand-waving and silly incantations in this class. We await your owl.
What else you should know
Every Witch and Wizard requires a ticket. Kids are to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Due to limited space we are unable to offer guests either sharing a ticket or just watching.
What I’ll provide
Tea, coffee or water. Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.
Biscuits or something similar. A meal will not be provided. 
What to bring
You may wear wizard robes or muggle attire.
Students may also bring, if they desire, an owl or a cat or a toad.